Department CDRRMO


Medical and Road Accident Services

The City Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) is responsible for medical and road accident services for natural disasters and man-made tragedies such as road accidents, respectively. In line with skills and capacity building of its staff, the office has sought and provided training on EMT Training and Life-support training. Also, ambulance support and radio cooperative are two of the important upgrades of the CDRRMO. Continuous staff trainings and tools upgrade are planned and expected for this office.


Barangay DRRMC Assistance Program

This aims to create and train rescue teams at the barangay-level to provide immediate and expert support to the community

Community Trainings in Schools and Companies

These community trainings are provided for disaster preparedness campaigns to high population areas such as schools and company buildings. Training rescue teams are also involved here. These future programs are true to the core of this office for continuous progress. As they say in this office, “We never stop. We never stop helping. We never stop learning”.


Capacitating the Office

City Mayor Garbo has been supportive to this office. Since his election, additional personnel are placed in the department to scale up the capacity of offering services to the city. More so, the department will receive four new ambulances in 2018.

Command Center of the Future

As a major project, with the support of Mayor Garbo, a City Command Center is being put to discussion. It will be equipped with more than 150 modern and analytical CCTVs. This will significantly increase the office’s capability to respond immediately to various incidents within the city. Relatedly, a 4-digit hotline is also being planned to accommodate emergency and distress calls. At a personal level, the CDRRMC finds personal joy in the fulfilment of their duties. “Manyaman keng pakiramdam stung asopan me ing tau lalu na nung mag-agaw buhay ya.” – Mr. Joseph Santos