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Awarded as Regional Winner on 2017 National Organic Agriculture Achiever Award with P300,000.00 Cash Award to be awarded on October 19-21, 2017 at Baler, Aurora Quezon. Result for the evaluation for National Winner will be announced at Cagayan de Oro City on October 23-26, 2017.

Nominated and Evaluated for National Winner August 7-8, 2017

Evaluation team for National Organic Agriculture Achiever’s Award was here in our City to assess and examine the farmers, farmers’ good agriculture practices and facilities in connection with Good Organic Farming. The team consists of representatives from Department of Agriculture-Central Office, Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office III and Office of the Provincial Agriculturist.

Mabalacat City is gunning for the National Organic Agriculture Achiever’s Award which will be held at Cagayan De Oro. Winner of the said award will have a 1 million peso prize, goods such as Organic Fertilizer and equipment needed for Organic farming will then be purchased.

City Agriculturist, Lourdes C Balatibat, and City Organic Agriculture Focal Person, Elizabeth M. Reyes and the whole City Agriculture Office Staff toured the team in different barangays of Mabalacat City were Good Organic Agriculture is practiced.

Projects under the Organic Agriculture were as follows:

1. Organic Coffee and Mango Production

2. Livestock and Poultry Production (Cattles, Carabaos, Goats, Native Pigs, Ducks, Free Range Chickens etc)

3. Mushroom Production

4. Vegetable Production under Greenhouse Technology

Organic Farming is defined as the production system in which avoids or largely exclude the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticide, growth regulator and livestock feed additives.

The primary goal of organic agriculture is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people. The most important nutrients that we get from fruits, vegetable and other food items are – calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins etc. Organic farming preserves the nutrients of the food item, which makes us healthier. Lot of pesticides and fertilizers are used to protect the crop. But, the amount of pesticides used in this kind of farming is very high. Due to this, we are also get affected to the pesticides. There are a number of pesticides that are highly dangerous for humans. In organic farming, the usage of pesticides is very limited and hence, people who consume the food items produced from organic farming are at low risk.


The City Agriculture Office conducts treatment of livestock (Cattle, Carabao, Goat, Sheep, Pigs, Gamefowls, Backyard Chicken and Ducks). Antibacterials were available at the office and upon called by concern farmers regarding their animals, immediately the Livestock Technicians of the Office will surely respond.

The office also deworms and injects vitamins to the livestock and poultry of farmers and raisers. This activity will help the animals’ welfare and health making them productive. Productive animals will enhance the livelihood of the farmers and raisers.

City Agriculture Office also coordinates and supervise the Vaccination program of Ruminants, Pigs and Birds with Hemorrhagic Septicemia Vaccine, Hog Cholera and New Castle Disease LaSota Vaccine, respectively.

The City Agriculture Office conducted mass Newcastle Disease vaccination on July 17, 2017 at Brgy. Sapang Balen, Mabalacat City. Cases of ducks, backyard chickens and gamefowl mortalities were reported by the Raisers of Sapang Balen. Over 700 heads of duck, chickens and turkeys were vaccinated with Lasota Vaccine, Newcastle Disease Virus. Livestock Coordinator, Dante T. Rivera and Livestock Inspector, Dr. Noel Christian R. Pineda conducted a surveillance of the reported case prior to vaccinating the flocks.

The Newcastle Disease Virus have been previously reported nationwide killing thousands of birds (ducks, chickens, turkeys, etc.) and affecting farmers income. Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is a highly contagious disease affecting birds. NDV has a high mortality rate and can cause 100 percent death population in a poultry farm in 24 hours. Exposure of humans to infected fowl can cause mild conjunctivitis and influenza-like symptoms, but otherwise, NDV poses no hazard to human health.

Symptoms includes respiratory signs of gasping, coughing, sneezing, and rales ,  Nervous signs of tremors, paralyzed wings and legs, twisted necks, circling, clonic spasms, and complete paralysis may accompany depression, watery greenish diarrhea, and swelling of the tissues of the head and neck. For all Poultry Raisers of Mabalacat City, if your birds show any of these signs please immediately report it to our office, City Agriculture Office, we are very thankful to assist you, provide vaccines and supplemental treatments to your birds.

Dispersal of Tilapia and Catfish FingerlingsThe City Agriculture Office held the dispersal of and Tilapia and Catfish Fingerlings on and July 6, 2017 at Xevera Lot Only, Mabalacat City. One of the banner programs of the Department of Agriculture is Fishery Program.

329,000 fingerlings of Tilapia and 22,000 Catfish were also dispersed to Fisherfolks of Mabalacat City. The recipients were fisherfolks from barangay Calumpang, Duquit, Mamatitang, Paralayunan, Mangalit Cabcom II, and Sta. Maria. Giving free fingerlings to Fisherfolks aids their financial problems in purchasing good quality fingerlings. With proper care and management of the fingerlings, within 4 months they can harvest them and sell them to the market. Producing Quality Tilapia and Catfish for fisherfolks to sell is the main objective of the dispersal program.


Launching of Urban Gardening Project on Mabalacat Residents Along Railways of 8 Barangays

1. Dolores

2. Poblacion

3. San Joaquin

4. San Francisco

5. Mabiga

6. Dau

7. Lakandula

8. Camachiles


Headed by the City Agriculturist, Lourdes C. Balatibat, together with City Mayor, Crisostomo C. Garbo and City Vice Mayor Christian C. Halili, and City Councilors, the City Agriculture Office held the ceremonial distribution of Farm Equipments and Garden tools on July 31, 2017 at Jade Hall Lot Only, Xevera, Mabalacat City.

Farm Tools and Machineries are as follows:

• Hand Tractors

• Transplanter

• Multicultivator

• Shredder

• Shallow Tube Well

• Knapsack Sprayer

• Lift Pump

• Garden Tools

Beneficiaries of the said tools and equipment were Farmers, Farmers Association, Gardeners and Different Schools of Mabalacat City.

Farm machinery plays a prominent role in the world of agriculture in a wide range of ways.  Farm tools and machinery is any equipment that farmers use to till, plant, cultivate and harvest crops or land. It significantly decreases the time required for farmers to accomplish farm tasks. Rather than spending money to pay salaries for multiple employees, the modern farmer uses his financial resources to purchase and maintain farm equipment.

The primary aim of the City Agriculture Office is to help farmers reduce their cost in farming, thus, increases their net income which results to enhancing their livelihood. Schools were also beneficiaries with lift pump and garden tools which can help them produce vegetables organically and teach students to plant vegetables and to have a better view of organic farming.


1. Organized Farmers Association at Sapang BiabasGood Agricultural Practices Certified Farms

1. Aiza G. Miranda – 3.0 hectares, Brgy. Bical

2. Alberto F. Carriedo – 3.0 hectares, Brgy. Dolores



The main clients of the City Agriculture Office are the farmers and fishpond operators, and its supplementary clients are women and the youth.



The Office distributes seeds to farmers in their production of rice, corn, and other crops. They also provide training to Mabalaqueños who are interested to engage in the farming industry.

Livestock and Poultry Program

The office offers two services: (1) treatment of livestock, (2) animal dispersal. Under treatment of livestock, cattles, carabaos, goat, sheep, pigs, gamefowls, backyard chicken and ducks receive antibacterial and vitamin injections. This will increase the productivity of the animals and, in effect, enhance the livelihood of farmers and raisers. In animal dispersal, the office breeds livestock and poultry animals and distributes them to potential raisers. They also provide assistance to raisers on how to take care of these animals. Fishpond operators also benefit from this program.

RIC Women’s Club 

The Office also offers trainings and seminars for income-generating projects for women and the youth. These includes, among others, meat processing, dishwashing and fabric conditioning, and delicacies making. This project is open to all Mabalaqueños who are willing to be trained and later on use these skills for their own business enterprises.

Green House

Currently, every Barangay in Mabalacat City has its own ‘Green House’. These are gardens under the supervision and care of barangay officials and employees.

Personnel Training

To continuously improve the knowledge and skills of personnel in the City Agriculture Office, they are sent to different national and local conferences and conventions in partnership with the Department of Agriculture.


Organic Agriculture

The City Agriculture office has been awarded as “Organic Agriculture Achiever Award in Region III”, and was one of the two finalists in the National level. The primary goal of the office, under the organic agriculture, is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals, and people.

Fertilizers and pesticides

In connection with Organic Agriculture, the office provides organic fertilizers and pesticides to farmers to keep the soil nourished and their crops in good condition.

Irrigation Equipment

An Irrigation equipment was placed in Brgy. Sta. Maria to help our farmers in watering their plantings. The office distribute farm equipment and machineries not only to increase the production of our farmers but also to make it more convenient for them.

Awards and Recognition

Alongside the awards received by the office, the Head Agriculturalist, Lourdes C. Balatibat, has also been recognized in various conventions and competitions. She was conferred the “Hall of Fame: Green Banner Award.” She endeavours to share the same passion to her staff, with her motto: “Always give your best in everything you do”.


While the municipal government is still in the transition stage, the office continuously provides the projects and programs that were previously offered to the constituents. The new city mayor gives his absolute support. As the head of the department would describe the new Mayor, “Masigasig yang sasaup kareng tau, ing pangarap na para karen yang tau”.


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