Department City Treasurer's Office

One of the duties of the City Treasurer as provided under Book II of the Local Government Code of the Philippines is to take custody and exercise proper management of the funds of the city government.  With such, we have attached the tabulated actual collections of 2016 Collections for July and August together with the collections for July and August of this year.

This office is currently serving Notice of Delinquency to all taxpayers from different barangays. In fact, we have served 593 notices in July and August of this year.  And as a result, about Php264,000.00 of the collections is attributed by this undertaking. On the other hand, relative to Business registration, the Business Permits and Licensing Unit will resume its conduct on the Joint Inspection on September 12.  And before the year ends, we will be posting tarpaulins on conspicuous places, distribute flyers at various areas, and go on media such as the radio, local newspaper and the internet as part of our tax campaign.

In addition, all mandatory obligations of the City are remitted on time.  All projects and expenditures such as obligations to suppliers and the like are paid promptly possible. We can say that these income/ revenues enable us to fund different major projects of the City Mayor.

In effect, we have greatly contributed to the progress of our city and have pleased the people of Mabalacat by making them realized where their taxes go.

City Treasurer’s Office