Department Mabalacat City Birthing Station

In support of the first 100 days of the Honorable City Mayor CRISOSTOMO C. GARBO, the MabalacatCity Birthing Stations are pleased to give you the following accomplishment from July 01 to September 30, 2017, to wit:

A. Obstetric Care
In Patient / Number of Deliveries ( Obstetrical Cases )

B. Pediatric and Medical Care
– The Birthing Homes do not  solely  caters to pregnant women of Mabalacat but we also give Pediatric and Medical care to those patients who seek refuge to our facility.  From simple fever to dehydration and pneumonias were also treated in our facility.  Some of the figures below shows how many patients were admitted and treated.

C. Out Patient Care
– The bulk of patients regularly seen in our facility was shown on the figures below.  Patients all over the City of Mabalacat were seeking treatment to their illness with no charge from the facility.  Free consultations  were given to them as part of our service to the public.  Information dissemination were also given to women who practice Family planning procedures and different family planning methods.

D. Minor Surgery
– Minor surgeries were also done at the birthing stations, performed  for patients with mass and boils, cuts and stitches.

E. Philhealth/Newborn Screening
– Philhealth information dissemination were strictly practiced in our facility.  Before the scheduled check-up for pregnant mothers, one of our staff is assigned to give information on what are the different requirements needed to avail of their philhealth benefits, the documents that they will be needing and the benefits that they will be enjoying upon their stay at our institution.

– Newborn Screening Services were offered at the three birthing homes as part of the Philhealth Accreditation of our facility.
– In compliance to Republic Act. 9288also known as the  Newborn Screening Act of 2004 and the DOH IRR on Newborn Screening, all babies born at the Mabalacat City Birthing Stations will have their Newborn Screening Test done  at the Birthing Stations FREE OF CHARGE.


Mabalacat City Hemodialysis Center, a government funded Dialysis facility,  was established to look after the well being of needy people stricken with chronic kidney diseases by nurturing hope and confidence, to make their lives more meaningful.  It is our mission to ensure that no kidney patient will perish because of lack of funds for Dialysis as well as to help improve the quality of life of chronic kidney disease patients.  All treatments are FREE of charge for all indigent kidney disease stricken patients of MABALACAT CITY.

A partnership with Renal Clinical Care Services, Inc. was established to sustain the treatment of our patients.  Nine (9) brand new machines were given to MCHC to cater with its treatments, repairs and maintenance will also be under their service including the immediate replacement of machines in case of  damage and/or deterioration.

Presently the Mabalacat City Hemodialys Center was able to obtain its License to Operate (LTO) from the Department of Health (DOH) effective July 31, 2017 to December 31, 2019.  With its present operation, we were able to obtain the census below, to

The Mabalacat City Birthing Stations plans to give our staff the Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advance Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)  seminars to Nurses and Midwives to be conducted at the Sapphire Hall in compliance with the continuing education and development of our staff to be used as a compliance for them to acquire their PRC License.  We will secure the assistance of PRC accredited facility to conduct the said seminar.  Our target date will be on November of 2017.

With the continuous service that we have at the three (3) Birthing Stations and Dialysis Center, we vow to our vision and mission of rendering the services needed by our patients to its fullest and assert more effort to give and offer more services of which patients will benefit from it.

Mabalacat City Birthing Station