Garbo asks God’s guidance on public service

September 8, 2017 5:47 am /

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

PAMPANGA. Mabalacat City Mayor Crisostomo Garbo urges Mabalaqueños to support his administration. (Chris Navarro)


MABALACAT CITY — “God Bless Mabalacat.”

During his speech marking his 100 days in office on Monday, October 9, Mayor Crisostomo Garbo has prayed to God’s guidance and blessings.

The mayor at the same time praised and thanked the Lord for His intercession describing his assumption of office as the city’s mayor as divine providence.

“Today marks my 100 days as Mayor of this great city of Mabalacat. In my 100 days as the chief executive officer, I learned that the task is not easy,” Garbo stated.

The mayor said that when he assumed the office last June, there were 1,008 job orders and 547 casual employees but more than half of them would not come to the office.

He also lamented that there are non-existing projects and debts to pay.

“They were undocumented programs and questionable procurement. There was no structure in the organization. People are confused of what tasks to perform. Is it a question of competence or lack of empowerment? I think it is the latter,” he said.

Garbo said the goal of his administration is to improve the quality of life of every Mabalaqueño.

“Thus, with my team bearing of expertise in legal, change management, culture and tourism, heritage architecture, traffic and public safety, urban planning and business and investment, identified what is known as the 9 pillars of this administration.”

He also enumerated nine pillars including Equal Access to Education, Excellent Healthcare, Economic Development, Better Employment Opportunities, Culture and Heritage Awareness, Strong Moral Values of Citizenry, Integration of Science and Technology in Governance and Delivery of Services, Protection of Environment, and Promotion of Peace and Order.

“These pillars, we believe are the key to progressive and sustainable city where excellent people thrive. You deserve that no less,” Garbo told his constituents.

The official also cited his programs on educational assistance and health programs.

“Every citizen must be healthy in mind and body. A Central Pharmacy to dispense free medicines to the less privileged shall be inaugurated this week. It was allocated with 15 million pesos to sustain its operations,” he said.

From June to October 2017, almost 300 families benefitted in the burial, medical and hospitalization assistance amounting to P2.4 million, according to Garbo.

“For the record, a total of 20 million pesos is allotted for the medical and hospitalization program and 2 million for the burial assistance,” he said.

“We are also going to purchase not just two or three ambulances, but four state-of-the art ambulances,” Garbo added.

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