City Civil Registrar's Office

City Registrar

Victor Terry A. MedinaThe City Civil Registrar's Office is under the supervision of Mr. VICTOR TERRY A. MEDINA. Being the city civil registrar, his functions are as follows:

-  Takes charge of the Office of the Civil Registry and responsible for the civil registration program of the LGU;

-  Develops plans and strategies on civil registry programs and projects and implement them upon approval thereof   by the mayor;

-  Accepts all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons;

-  File, keep and preserve in a secure place the books required by law;

-  Transcribes and enters immediately upon receipt all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons in the appropriate civil registry books;

-  Transmits to the Office of the Civil Registrar-General, with the prescribed period, duplicate copies of registered documents required by law;

-  Issue certified transcript or copies of any certificate or register documents upon payment of the fee; 

-  Receives applications for the issuance of marriage license and issue license after determining that the requirements and supporting certificates and publication thereof for the prescribed period have been complied with, issue the license upon payment of the authorized fee to the treasurer; and

-  Exercise such other powers and performs such other duties and functions as may be provided by law.