City General Services' Office

GSO Officer

Dionisio S. Magbalot, Jr.The City General Services' Office is under the supervision of Mr. DIONISIO S. MAGBALOT, JR.  Mr. Magbalot is the Chief of Staff to the Mayor.  Being the city GSO, his functions are as follows:

- Take charge of the General Services Office and shall formulate measures for the consideration of the sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the mayor in carrying out measure to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities;

-  Develop plans and strategies on general services supportive of the welfare of the inhabitants and implement them upon approval by the mayor;

-  Take custody of and be accountable for all properties, real or personal owned by the LGU and those granted to it in the form of donation, reparation, assistance and counterpart of joint venture;

-  Recommend to the mayor the reasonable rental rates for local government properties which will be leased to public  or private entities by the LGU;

-  Maintain and supervise janitorial, security, landscaping and other related services in all public buildings and other real property, whether owned or leased by the LGU;

-  Collate and disseminate information regarding prices, shipping and other cost of supplies and other commonly-used by the LGU; and

-  Exercise such other powers and performs such other duties and functions as may be provided by law.