From City Budget Officer - Ka Roger Tanglao

          July 7, 2013 is something to remember.  Not only as the birthday of Mr. Jun Magbalot, but it’s date when the two elected officials officially led the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony after their oath taking in the afternoon of July 01, the mayor being re-elected and the legislator now elected vice mayor. 


On this date the General Services Office and staff hosted the occasion.  The good mayor during his speech presented 10 new bush cutters, newly tailored uniforms and vests for GSO employees used in the discharge of their function.



The re-elected City Mayor Hon. Marino “Boking” Morales and newly elected Vice Mayor Christian C. Halili are the first ever Mayor and Vice Mayor respectively to this newly converted Component City in the Province of Pampanga. Becoming the first ever is something big which shall be put in history.  Whoever shall succeed them in position can no longer claim as the first.  Something that shall remain as such until the world is still a world.


Both elected officials have forged re-conciliatory promises for the sake of their constituents and in the name of public service.  The Vice Mayor has signified his support to the administration of Mayor Boking which was immediately acknowledged by him.  The message delivered by the good mayor before the a thousand crowds has said that within his term he shall put up a community hospital to cater to the less fortunate of the society.  He continued saying that health care is the foremost among the programs his administration is focused to.

               For those people whose minds preferred to discuss politics at the early hours of time, having pronouncement to make, I say with firm certainty that it is still premature to speculate who will run for mayorship next synchronized national and local election comes the year 2016.  To this date, the good chief executive has been quoted saying that his plan for 2016 is still open although he keeps on saying “pwede pa” (still good or still able).  His pwede pa is in conclusive yet it is suggestive.  I guess, whatever you may think about, it may be the same as what I have in mind. 

On the other side, the Local Chief Legislator is quoted saying “alaku pang plano king isip ku, magobra tamu pa” (I don’t have a plan yet in my mind, let us work first”.  “Let us lag politics behind for our goal is to move forward which I often hear from the mayor” as he keeps saying.

 Now, assuming that the incumbent mayor Boking Morales can still run for another term in 2016 for reason that Mabalacat is now a City so the incumbent officials are now back to zero term, then I heard, the groups of City Councilors Benny Jocson and Froylan Galang who are now on their third and last term will also vie for new mandate using the same reason.  This, according to certain groups closed to the other side of the border is want they want to see. So do I.