Garbo delivers SOCA on first 100 days as mayor

September 8, 2017 2:29 am /
PUNTO! Central Luzon
By Ashley Manabat
Oct 10, 2017


MABALACAT CITY – A new city government center will soon rise in Barangay Mabiga here, some six kilometers south of the present city hall at the Xevera Housing complex in Barangay Tabun, the northern most village in this city.

This was announced by Mayor Crisostomo C. Garbo on Monday in his state of the city address (SOCA) of his first 100 days in office as the city’s new chief executive.

“In 2018, we will be building a bigger, new and modern government center,” he announced. “A talk with Mr. Jose Hizon for the purchase of the lot was initiated already. If things go well and with your prayers, the new modern government center will be built beside San Rafael Church next year.”

The location of the new government center will be on a 1,18 square-meter property along the MacArthur Highway in the said village between the church and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) where it will be closer to Barangays Dau, Mawaque and Camachiles, the mayor said.

Barangay Dau is the biggest barangay in the city while the two other villages are home to large resettlement centers where thousands of families previously affected by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo and its subsequent lahar events are relocated.

Garbo also announced that in the next SOCA, “we might see each other in the new multi-purpose complex.” The building will be another infrastructure project that will complement the new government center of which “the design will be known in the coming days,” he said.

9 pillars

Garbo said at the onset, the goal of his administration is to improve the quality of life for every Mabalaqueño. “Thus, with my team bearing of expertise in legal, change management, culture and tourism, heritage architecture, traffi c and public safety, urban planning and business and investment,” he presented what he called the nine pillars of his administration: “equal access to education, excellent healthcare, economic development, better employment opportunities, culture and heritage awareness, strong moral values of citizenry, integration of science and technology in governance and delivery of services, protetion of environment, and the promotion of peace and order.”

He explained that the pillars are “the key to a progressive and sustainable city where excellent people thrive.”

Garbo described his administration as “a compassionate government where every citizen is valued.”

He said almost every day he is being visited by some 300 cabalens for various reasons and concerns.

“More than the assistance that we give, we make time to listen to their plights and sentiments. After all, we have been mandated to serve them,” he said.

“I challenge our department heads and city hall employees to show the same compassion by providing not just service but a world class customer service to every Mabalaqueño,” he stressed.


In just 100 days, Garbo said, his administration has created several councils and offices for different functions such as the City Local Price Coordinating Council to check and regulate prices of commodities and merchandise, the Mabalacat Maternal and Perinatal Death Review Committee to reduce infant mortality rate, the Early Childhood Care and Development Committee that proposed to furnish Child Development Centers under a P5 million budget, the Gender and Development Office, and the Technical Working Group for Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index which aims to improve the city’s scorecard and be at par with the other cities not just in the provincial and national level but also among great cities in the world.

The mayor said as support, he crafted a promotion and selection system that is merit and competency-based “because we want only the best to serve you.” He said the city government hired officers and consultants who are not only the best in their fields but who exemplify professionalism and are true servant leaders.

“This is all under our mentorship program which models transformational leadership,” he stressed.

The mayor said every department will also have their own service vehicle for efficient public service. He said two mini-aircon buses will be purchased “that our employees, teachers and students can use for seminars or trainings outside the city.

There will be no worries of transportation anymore.” Garbo said to end the practice of soliciting funds for every barangay project like fiestas,” pabasa,”basketball leagues and Christmas parties as well as to finance their priority projects, he will give cash grants of P2 million each for the city’s 27 barangays – P1 million for infrastructure development and another P1 million for social subsidy.

Garbo also announced a budget of P1.5 billion for next year as he bannered an increase of P40 million in the city’s gross income because of the intense tax campaign of his administration.

“I promise you that under my watch, every single peso shall be accounted for,” he proclaimed.


At the end of his hour-long speech, Garbo waxed emotional as he virtually confessed his sins and shortcomings in front of the audience where his family was seated and later led a prayer with cracking voice and tears falling from his eyes.

“Tutu pu kanita mayabang ku. Tutu pu kanita babaeru ku. Tutu pu naku kapanagkas. Tutu pu eku pu tatalikuran (It is true that I was proud then. It is true that I was a womanizer then. It is true that I cursed a lot then. That is true, I am not denying that),” he said as his wife stared at him from her seat in front of the audience while his children, including City Councilor Win-Win Garbo, displayed stoic faces.

“Sinuku kuna ngan pu king Apung Ginu ing matsura kung panugali (I surrendered all my bad habits),” he said.

“Likluk naku pu keni… (I am now in this seat…) This is divine intervention, providential,” he declared as claps and shouts of “Hallelujah” and “Amen” reverberated inside the jampacked Jade Hall of the City Hall.

“Cabalen sopan yuku pu… misasangmetung tamu. Dakal pu salamat. (Please help me…let us all be united. Thank you very much),” he said.–NEW-GOV-rsquo-T-CENTER-TO-RISE-span–span-br-Garbo-delivers-SOCA-on-first-100-days-as-mayor