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February 22, 2018 3:22 am /

Never thought an elected local official would ever impress or even inspire me, but new Mabalacat City Mayor Cris Garbo did this morning, when he bared his heart and soul and the Christian values that guide and animate his politics and leadership.

Some people are turned off by his preaching but it’s their loss, not his, because if they only stay and really listen, they might learn some spiritual insight since this man speaks with sincerity and genuine desire to enrich people’s lives with the Word of God.

When needy people come to him, he counsels them before giving them what they seek, not because he takes advantage of their need to advance his religious agenda but because he believes they need the Word of God more than the financial aid, and he’s right.

And what’s good is he gives them both, which shows that he practices what he preaches, and they walk away celebrating the goodness of God and government.

He has no rancor towards his predecessor despite the ruin he inherited; in fact he truly believes God loves the former mayor more than him because He gave him (the former mayor) all those long years and many opportunities to enjoy his power, which other leaders only dream of.

In fact I think one reason Mayor Boking served that long was for Mabalacat to wait for Cris Garbo to mature spiritually, and when Garbo was already a fully formed Christian Leader in the truest sense, God put him in power.

All those years we ranted and raved and lost all hope for our town and lost faith in ourselves and our people–were never in vain after all, and were in fact part of a divine plan!

If Mayor Garbo will be criticized and persecuted for his style and unique brand of Christian leadership (and I am sure he will be), it’s because people are not ready for someone like him. Me, I totally get him. He is the real deal.

I was impressed and inspired by him, and I truly believe God rewarded our long wait with a unique kind of leader. I wish him well, I want him to succeed and I will support him.

Photo: Mabalacat City News